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Consulting Services

The Culliton Group offers a range of consulting services dedicated to clear communication of complex issues in science, biomedical research, health policy, and academic medicine. Its services, aimed at both professional and public audiences, include:

  • Strategic planning and evaluation of lay or professional publicatons
  • Strategic analysis of outreach and public education programs for new or existing organizations
  • Analysis and/or creation of web site content for lay or professional groups, including foundations, academic institutions, and companies in the public sector
  • The evaluation or creation of public information programs
  • Planning of award programs to advance an organization's mission
  • Effective media training for physicians, scientists and medical administrators

Our clients also turn to the Culliton Group for experience and innovative thinking in all forms of publishing. We combine an historical perspective of the scientific, medical education and popular health publishing industry with in-depth knowledge of the latest trends to ensure our clients stay on the long-term path to success.

Barbara J. Culliton, president, is a nationally recognized science journalist with vast experience at Nature and Science and creative talent in both the development and launch of new print and online publications such as Genome News Network. She also is a respected leader in reviving and repositioning existing publications, as well as mentoring young journalists and accomplished scientists in the art of good writing.

Starting at the beginning, we will work with you to understand the competitive landscape and develop a fundable business plan. With financing in place, The Culliton Group will collaborate with you to create the right content focus, determine staffing needs, support your search, as well as mentor and train the editorial team. As new ventures mature, clients can count on the expertise of The Culliton Group to stick with them as they grow.

For existing publications, The Culliton Group provides essential critical review and objectivity to successfully:

  • Develop vital content to drive readership and expand your position in the marketplace
  • Align staffing structures for maximum efficiency and profitability – especially as publications embrace new technologies
  • Gain insight into strategic positioning in the market relative to the competition
  • Identify and capture untapped market opportunities
  • Create and implement new, profitable revenue streams

Many of our clients will first come to know The Culliton Group when seeking assistance with small, but seemingly intractable challenges.  Whether it is editing a particularly difficult report or policy paper, honing an intricate scientific article for clarity, or creating new content on issues such as professionalism, conflict-of-interest, or ethics, The Culliton Group has ready access to the knowledge and talent that will help you produce first class results.

Whether you are a publisher, editorial leader, academic or professional organization, or business in need of strategic (and sensible) communications advice, The Culliton Group will help get to the next level.  To learn more about us and how we can help, contact Ms. Culliton at Barbara@BarbaraCulliton.com.




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