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In 1973, the familiar field of immunology was still new. The discovery that the immune system is populated by a variety of types of cells was big news, even to most research physicians. When the New England Journal of Medicine planned to publish a paper on immunology and cancer, Barbara Culliton and Franz Inglefinger, M.D., the fiesty editor of the NEJM decided on a bold (or crazy) experiment.

With the concent of the paper's authors, Ms. Culliton rewrote their original manuscript in plain English and the NEJM published both versions, back in the same edition. More than ninety percent of readers said they preferred the easier-to-read rendition; a few holdouts were outraged that the renowned journal would take on such an editorial experiment. Evidence of its success rests in the fact that it is widely remembered to this day.

The articles, along with Dr. Inglefinger's editorial, can be read here.





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