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Genome News NetworkGNN, a highly-respected online magazine for the general public, covered scientific and medical research about genomes. Genome is the name given to the complete set of genes in any living organism, from human beings to animals, to microbes and plants. GNN was launched at Celera Genomics in 1999, when the company was sequencing the human genome. It first went live online in 2000. In the inagural issue of the magazine, Ms. Culliton wrote an illuminating article about the relevance of work on non-human organisms to human medicine:

In addition to covering the news, GNN produces additional publications to enhance public understanding of the science of genomics, including a book, “What's a Genome?” and a unique online art gallery featuring work by internationally acclaimed artists who draw their inspiration from DNA and genetics. GNN, which is supported by the J. Craig Venter Science Foundation, can be found at www.GenomeNewsNetwork.org. GNN is read by thousands of readers all over the world.

GNN's Special Stem Cell Issue

What's a Genome?



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