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Nature MagazinesAdept at spotting trends in science, Ms. Culliton recognized that genetics had become a major field of publishing by the early 1990s, hence the founding of nature Genetics. By the same token, the study of the way in which proteins take physical shape, long known to be crucial to understanding biology, was emerging as a significant area of research and this resulted in the launch of nature Structural Biology.

Similarly, it was apparent that a new publication in which basic biomedical researchers could publish alongside their more clinical or medical colleagues would bridge the gap from laboratory bench to bedside. Ms. Culliton not only created nature Medicine in 1995 but became its Editor-in-Chief.

In each case, she was responsible for the ideas, design, content, and staffing of each of these journals, while also contributing to relevant business decisions.

nature Publishing

January 1995
Molecular Medicine in a Changing World. Read more>

October 1995

Rising Health-Care Costs Inevitable. Read more>

December 1995
The Greatest Threat of All, Emerging Infectious Disease. Read more>

February 1996
Let's Talk About Dying. Read more>



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