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Science News MagazineBarbara Culliton’s first job in journalism was as a biomedical reporter at Science News, a magazine where younger writers had a chance to cover the major stories that on larger magazines and newspapers were assigned to more senior staff. Among the topics she covered were the first human heart transplant, the green revolution in agriculture, and the important news in basic biomedical research.

The first human heart transplant in 1967 took everyone by surprise. In fact, for weeks it was one of the most covered stories in the United States and around the world.

Barbara Culliton's syndicated series reported all aspects of the story from the surgical to the political and emotional.  It was one of the first times people, including the U.S. Congress, began to wonder in a very public way whether researchers were "Playing God." Today, heart transplants and those of other organs are lifesaving and if not entirely routine, nearly so.





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